EPD certification for GEZE door closers: proven sustainability

This year's BAU exhibition in Munich saw the tried-and-tested GEZE TS 4000 and TS 5000 series of door closers be awarded the EPD sustainability certificate. They were assessed in line with the strict criteria of the "Environmental Product Declaration" (EPD) based on ISO 14025.

EPDs – building blocks towards a building's sustainability rating

The EPD is an eco-label that is recognised across the world. As an information system for the environmental performance of building products and components, it is the precondition for a building's sustainability rating. An eco-balance – which shows the environmental effects that a building product has throughout its entire life cycle – represents the crux of the EPD. The EPDs for the GEZE door closers are, therefore, building blocks that contribute to the overall rating of the environmental performance of a building. The significance of EPDs is demonstrated in the increasing prevalence of building certifications. EPDs can be used for the sustainability certification of buildings, for example by the international rating systems BREEAM and LEED, by the systems used by the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) or by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. 

The transparency and measurability of building products

Against the backdrop of active measures to reduce CO2 emissions and the necessity to save energy that is linked with this, EPDs represent both a challenge and an opportunity. They create transparency in the field of environmental quality and improve the assessability of building products. They are being increasingly required in calls to tender from architects, planners and builders. Manufacturers can use EPDs to fulfil the sustainability requirements stipulated in the new EU Building Products Device, which forms the basis of the CE certification and will apply across Europe from 1st July 2013. Sustainability increases value. This is why real estate investors are focusing on aspects of sustainability not only for "Green Buildings", but also when it comes to the modernisation of existing buildings. 

A rating based on internationally agreed standards

The EPDs for the GEZE door closer systems are based on an evidence-based sustainability inspection that spans the entire product life cycle. They have been compiled in line with the "Schlösser und Beschläge" (Locks and Fittings) PCR (Product Category Rules) by the panel of experts from the German Institute for Construction and the Environment. They encompass all relevant information about the eco-balance of the door closers and reveal the primary products used, their origins and the manufacturing process. The use of resources and energy consumption are also taken into account. In addition, the EPD considers environmental compatibility, product life span, recycling and disposal. Structural-physical and technical criteria, proofs and inspections, e.g. relating to the materials used and the production, are also documented. The transparent, neutral and verifiable disclosure of all of the information contained in the EPD, including the eco-balance data, is in line with international standards. Standards ISO 14025 (Environmental Declarations Type III) and ISO 21930 (Environmental Declaration of Building Products) are used to substantiate building products. ISO 14025 is applied to building products that are used within a system of building products in a building, such as door closers. The door closers were also assessed in line with EN 15804 as part of European sustainability policy. 

In addition to the positive eco-balance aspects, door closers are sustainable in view of their actual function. They prevent doors from staying open when they should be closed and ensure that they close immediately. They keep cold air outside and contribute to savings in energy used for heating. The EPDs for the TS 4000 and TS 5000 series of door closers do not just bear witness to an environmental responsibility and open up improved market potential in the growing Green Building market. The eco-balance results also provide GEZE with concrete points of reference for the continuous optimisation of the products, the production processes and facilities in terms of environmental aspects. GEZE works in line with the latest environmental standards from product design and production to sales to maintenance and after-sales service. GEZE’s environmental management has been certified in line with the international standard DIN EN ISO 14001. GEZE also promotes sustainable construction as an active member of the Institute for Construction and the Environment and the DGNB.